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As well as his role helping the startup sector in Australia and New Zealand for AWS, Ian Gardiner helps to run Innovation Bay [hyperlink to innovationbay.com], a networking group whose mission statement is to help technology startups succeed. It runs Angel investment dinners and speaker events for entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives in the technology sector.

Previously to all of this he was the CEO and founder of Viocorp, a successful Australian video software startup. At the dawn of the internet age (1997), he was the founding employee of newsbase.com, a successful news, analysis and business intelligence service from emerging markets. He also founded and ran the not-so-successful lastorders.com in the UK.

In November 2009 Ian won the NSW Pearcey award for ICT Entrepreneur of the Year. Ian holds a Master of Engineering from the University of Oxford where he also won two rowing blues in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. In his spare time he is a competitive cyclist, avid computer gamer, husband and father of two boys (not in that order).